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Salvage Auto Auctions

Acquiring vehicles for professional use can be difficult. Investing a substantial cost in a new vehicle can be difficult to reach, especially when you are requiring a heavy duty vehicle like the wrecker automobiles. Getting a vehicle used can be more ideal, but on the other hand, with all the flakey sellers, hassles, and haggling, the mere thought of it can be nauseating. If you are looking for an auto wrecker vehicle to include in your fleet, consider obtaining the used vehicle from a reputable auctioning firm like Dusty Clater Auctioneers of Texas.

Benefits to Buying a Vehicle at an Wrecker Automobile Auction

Benefits to buying a wrecker service automobile through Dusty Clater Auctioneers auction services can include the following:
Low Vehicle Cost. All vehicles are generally marked to begin bidding at fair market value. Buying used means avoiding the depreciation costs and other fees, and with the competitive bidding you know your limit and can discontinue bidding if your limit is reached.
Fair Vehicle Condition. Where everything is clearly marked “as is” and “no warranties”, in most cases the auctions include history of the vehicle, and are frequently in adequate condition. Where wrecker vehicles are not sold on every corner lot, utilizing Dusty Clater Auctioneers might be to your advantage in finding a wrecker service automobile quickly.
Eliminating Car Buying Stress. When buying a wrecker vehicle at an auction, you can eliminate the negotiation process, which is a benefit in itself. Avoiding the sellers that don’t follow through or continue to play cat and mouse is also beneficial. The only back and forth you have to deal with is other bidders.

Benefits to Selling a Vehicle at an Automobile Auction

Benefits to selling your automobiles through Dusty Clater Auctioneers auction services are as follows:
Reduce Car Selling Hassles. When comes time to sell your automobile, doing so can be rough. Trying to find the right places to advertise, taking care of the showing and selling only to have to negotiate and deal with people who don’t follow through on their word can be discouraging. Having Dusty Clater Auctioneers auctioning service do all the work for you, and by auction day only serious buyers are present to assure your equipment is sold.
Competitive Bidding. With the competitive bidding aspect, you can rest easy your vehicle sold for maximum revenue.
No Qualifications. You sell your automobile as is. That means if there is a broken tail light, a potential buyer won’t have the upper hand and insist you invest more money into a vehicle you do not intend on keeping.

Buying & Selling Cars & Vehicles at Auto Wrecker Service Auctions in Denton, Decatur, Sadler, Corinth, Gainesville & the State of Texas

No matter way you look at it, using Dusty Clater Auctioneers of Texas to get a great deal on a wrecker service automobiles or to sell an unwanted vehicle are a win-win for both parties. Contact us today to get started!